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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


Institutional Review Board

Facilitating research and ensuring compliance with requirements.

CITI training in human subjects protection now required.

“The Institutional Review Board is an administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted under the auspices of the institution with which it is affiliated.” (DHHS, OPRR, Protecting Human Research Subjects: Institutional Review Board Guidebook)

Human subjects research is defined as any activity intended to obtain and record information from or about individuals for research purposes.

Policy and Procedures for Submitting Your Proposal to the IRB

It is Adelphi policy that all research conducted by faculty, administrators, undergraduate, and graduate students be reviewed by the IRB. This includes studies that make use of surveys, interviews, experimental designs that involve human subjects, and any research that involves children or other vulnerable populations such as the incarcerated or mentally impaired.

The IRB meets monthly, with one summer meeting in late June/early July. All IRB submissions are required to be submitted no later than the 10th of the month preceding the meeting. Please send one signed hard copy to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Social Work Building, Room 121 or 119 and email a complete copy of your protocol to The forms can be obtained from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, from your faculty representative on the committee, or you can download them.

All investigators, including students and faculty advisers, need to submit a completed financial conflict of interest form with their application.

All study protocols reviewed and approved by the Adelphi IRB are valid for one year, therefore, investigators must resubmit their protocols using the continuation form. In addition to continuation review, please use this form if your study will require modifications since its original approval.

Common Mistakes on IRB Applications

Below is a list of the most commonly seen mistakes on applications that lead to delays in approval.

  • “Adelphi University” does not appear prominently in the header of the recruitment flyer and/or informed consent form, if present
  • Faculty advisor’s signature is missing on applications submitted by applicants who are NOT full time Adelphi faculty (e.g. students, staff, adjunct faculty)
  • The Informed Consent Form does not specify that compensation (if offered) will be awarded regardless of full completion of the study/activity
  • Professors and/or staff risking implied coercion by proposing to recruit in their classes or their employees
  • Use of a personal rather than professional address, email, or phone number
  • Use of vague start and end dates, rather than precise days (e.g., “anticipated end by Summer 2019” rather than “Project will conclude on or before August 31, 2019”).
  • Underestimating the time that subjects/participants will need to complete tasks and surveys
  • Failure to attach written permission from administrators (not clinicians) to post recruitment flyers
  • Failure to attach written permission to conduct research in physical locations outside of Adelphi University
  • Failure to provide IRB approval from collaborating institutions
  • Overuse of technical terms/jargon in informed consent or recruitment materials

Failure to spell out the full meaning of professional acronyms (examples from recent applications: PTG, PPVT, EVT).


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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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