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Faculty Development Grant Awardees, Academic Year 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences

Hannah Allen, Department of Art & Art History, Battlegrounds Book Protection.

Margaret Cassidy, Department of Communications, Historical Perspectives on Media in the Lives of American Children.          

Michael D’Emic, Department of Biology, Excavation of Dinosaurs from a Unique Time in the History of North America.

Anton Dudley, Department of English, Sourcing the Sass.

Matthias Foellmer, Department of Biology, MicroCT analysis of soft and hard copulations in the orb-web spider Argiope aurantia.

Dempsey Hyatt, Department of Chemistry, Progress Towards the Synthesis of Asymmetric Cycloheptatrienylidene Substituted fluorophores.

Hanna Kim, Department of Anthropology, Broken earth and Unexpected Aftershocks:  Sorting Out What Happened After the Kutch Earthquake and Assessing What Matters.

Jessie Klein, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, The Empathy Revolution.

Deborah Little, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Agency and Voice in Care Relationships.

Kellyann Monaghan, Department of Art and Art History, The Landscape:  Weather, Light and Climate.

Jacqueline Olvera, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, The Stained City: How Immigration Policy Stigmatizes Place.

Joan Stein-Schimke, Department of Communications, “Border Zone”.

Melissa VanAlstine-Parris, Department of Chemistry, Synthesis of a series of benzimidazole derivatives to test on uridine nucleoside hydrolase as a target for trichomoniasis.

Andrea Ward, Department of Biology, Role of substrate on terrestrial locomotion in elongate fishes.

College of Nursing and Public Health 

Pilar Maria Martin, Identifying and Addressing the Health Needs of Central Queens (with special reference to Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst).

Yiyuan Sun, Developing Framed Health Messages to Improve Knowledge of Environmental Risks for Breast Cancer in Chinese American Women (CAW).

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business 

Huajing Hu, Are CEOs Disciplined for Failed Acquisitions?  Evidence form Goodwill Impairments.

Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies 

Damian Stanley, Characterizing the Neural Timing of Domain-Specific Social Learning Computations.

Nathan George, Let’s Talk Physics:  How Language Influences Our Understanding of Force and Motion.

Joy McClure, Dating Strategies Study.

Ruth S. Ammon School of Education 

Clara Bauler/Emily Kang, What does integration look like? Examining CoTeaching Practices for English Learners.

School of Social Work 

Wahiba Abu-Rass, The Impact of Islamophobia and Coping Strategies Among Hispanic Muslim During the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign:  Intersectionality between Ethnic and Religious Identity.

Shannon LaneConnecting direct service to policy through innovative internship partnerships with county executives.

Philip Rozario, Foreign Domestic Workers and Eldercare.


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