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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Ensuring humane treatment of animals used in research.

Adelphi University’s faculty are engaged in a wide spectrum of research. To ensure humane treatment for animals used in the research process, the university’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) was established in accord with the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 (PDF). The committee, licensed with New York State, is chaired chaired by Dr. Matthias Foellmer, biology, and its faculty members are: Dr. Tandra Chakraborty, biology; Dr. Alan Schoenfeld, biology; Dr. Andie Ward, biology; consulting veterinarian, Dr. Angela DeVito, D.V.M.; external member, Mr. John Salig, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; administrators, Dr. Mary Cortina and Dr. John Hunter.

The Health Research Extension Act requires IACUCs to have procedures for the proper care and treatment of animals used in biomedical and behavioral research. That care involves policy and procedure for the use of tranquilizers, analgesics, anesthetics, paralytics, and euthanasia of animals, as well as appropriate pre-surgical and post-surgical medical care.

The committee meets biannually in November and March.

 » Review the Animal Use Protocol (PDF)

» Animal Care and Use Policy


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